I’ve been photographing actors for over 30 years. I’m lucky that many top agents send their clients to me. (I’m also lucky in the fact I still love my job)

One thing to avoid when choosing your photographer is the “I capture your soul” or “Your very essence”.  People talk a lot of artistic crap about what is a good photograph. In fact it’s very simple, it can be summed up in one sentence. 


Actors ask me if they should go to a makeup artist or a hair stylist on the day of the shoot, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind….. 

These days auditions and interviews often come up on the day. Your agent tells you Spielberg wants to see you at 2pm, but your photograph with your carefully styled hair and perfect makeup artist face was taken two months ago. Unfortunatly today you’re having a bad hair day and the rain is making your eye make up run down your face. 
   Do you?

A. phone your stylist and hope they have time to get your hair fixed in half an hour, and then tell Mr Spielberg it really is you in the photograph

  Or B. nip into a café and do it yourself, and turn up looking like your photograph.

I work in daylight on my roof garden or in a room looking over the garden. There’s a changing roomand a plentiful supply of of Nespresso coffee, or a mug of tea.

I now only do one session a day, asapposed to the past when I used to shoot2 or 3 sessions a day which made me feel like it was a production line.  Worrying if someone was a half an hour late, I’d be looking at my watch, and having to limit the session to 2 hours. Now there’s no rush, if you’re half an hour late, no worries, if you’re nervous it doesn’t matter if we shoot for 3 hours. That said, in peak times (ie spotlight deadlines) it may take a few weeks to book a session. So please book as early as you can.