Do I use digital cameras only?

Yes ! With #10,000 pounds worth of the latest Digital Cameras, printers and software,  I do all the work in house, including printingand retouching. The quality is superior to film.

How long do I keep your images?

Forever. Unlike film which after a few years becomes degraded.

Do I print my own work?

Yes!  (See above) Some photographers send their negatives or digital images to laboratories or outside printers. How do they control the the quality of the final images? Do they know the clients’ skin tone unless they’ve met the actor ? Of course they don't. Only the photographer knows that!

Do I shoot only colour?

No, depending on what the client or agent wants. Some agents still want nearly all black and white, some want only colour, most want a mixture of both. Whilst you can change colour images into black and white, I find the black and white images have less contrast. A lot of cheaper actor photographers have less expensive cameras which can only shoot in colour.  The cameras I use are interchangeable, so depending on the agents or clients preferences I shoot both.

Do I shoot model shots as well as actors headshots?

Yes I do, sometimes in a separate session, or its possible to do some model shots within a headshot session.  (See some model shots in the main photo section)

Can I share a session?

I’m afraid not! I like to concentrate on you, and not have to worry whether your friend has enough coffee, or if he or she is distracting you, the sitter. It's your day!